Being a Mother Workshop

Being a Mother Workshop

The Being a Mother workshop has a range of unique features and benefits. It is not offered anywhere else, and there is no other program like it.

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Everyday mother

The facilitator is a real life example of how to derive greater pleasure and satisfaction from life with your children. Betty is a mother of three young children, and so, is totally able to relate to the experiences of mums.

One of the key reasons for developing this workshop now, versus ‘later when there was more time’, was that Betty was very clear about the importance of being able to accurately talk from personal experience, and not regard other people’s experiences from an academic or theoretical perspective only. Betty shares many of her experiences and successes based on the change model.

Trained psychologist

Psychologists’ expertise is about human behaviour and experiences. Betty is a trained psychologist at the Masters level with a range of experiences from facilitating personal development workshops for large corporations to working with clients in her private practice. All these life skills are constantly drawn upon to enhance the workshop experience.

Betty recognised her skills in her general psychological practice could be of great benefit to ordinary mothers, who are unrecognised as performing the most important job in the world – raising children.

Specialist training

Betty was trained in REBT or Rational Emotive Behaviour Theory by Dr. Michael Bernard (, who worked closely with Dr. Albert Ellis, the founder of REBT ( Dr. Albert Ellis developed REBT (originally referred to as RET) in 1955, with the main premise that ‘it is our thinking about an event, and not the event  per se, that gets us upset’. The change model used in the Being a Mother workshop is based on REBT.

As a psychologist, Betty updates her professional psychological skills and knowledge via regular professional development. 


The main model used in the Being a Mother workshop is very simple to understand and it works! Betty has used this model to transform relationships within her own life, and to develop the Being a Mother workshop. These cases are further discussed during the workshops.

This workshop focuses on imparting vital knowledge and action oriented strategies so participants can deal with the intense emotions of motherhood. This significantly impacts our effectiveness as parents.

Is cohesive, non-linear, and openly discusses the multi-aspects of mother’s experiences. It is more than just a discussion of feelings. It cuts across to the core of how we can transform our experiences in a process-oriented and  practical way.

Research based

This workshop is more than Betty’s ideas on what constitutes an excellent workshop. The ideas and structure of the Being a Mother Workshop are supported by research currently being conducted in the University of Melbourne, La Trobe University, and RMIT. Betty constantly seeks professional alliances with experts to promote the importance of work in this area. Betty is also committed to undertaking research into the Being a Mother workshop and is active in seeking collaborative research projects with researchers from local tertiary institutions.

All mothering experiences

The Being a Mother workshop focuses on all aspects of being a mother, not only post natal depression. This workshop deals with all of the three main unpleasant emotional states: angry, anxious/guilty and depressed.

It also focuses on the experience of being a mother which is not acknowledged. This is not another parenting program. The Being a Mother workshop strikes at a more fundamental level, and covers issues such as our expectations and actual experiences of being a mother.

The workshop encourages the sense of community and sharing that was experienced by mothers of generations ago.

Long term support

Betty is committed to participants maintaining the benefits realised from the workshop. The follow-up sessions are also designed to be proactive regarding our experiences as mothers and to developing a community of mothers who strive to make a difference in their mothering experiences. 

Sharing of experiences

Hearing other mother’s experiences, in addition to voicing their own, has been immensely helpful to participants in the Being a Mother workshop. Validation of the individual’s experiences has been a significant outcome, as mothers do not often share the private (and usually benign) concerns they have about every day events with their friends or other support networks.

Time out

How often do we, as mothers, get time to sit and think about our most important and challenging role and the numerous issues that confront us in this role? We are even followed to the bathroom

In the paid work arena, we have meetings when issues arise. Yet in the world of being a mother, this idea is not even conceptualized. Only a few minutes of focused attention can generate simple and effective solutions to avoid daily problems recurring. During the Being a Mother workshop this benefit is amplified, as mothers have time out, plus the benefit of hearing their own situations raised by other mothers.

In this workshop, you actually get time to think about and ask the questions that have been blocking your experiences as a mother.

Change your stress response

Using the change model, participants of the Being a Mother workshop can alter their behaviours by changing their thinking. Participants receive maximum benefit when they are highly motivated and persist in changing their automatic reactions. See Tips and Techniques.

Effective role-modelling for others

Children are the benefactors of the work we do on ourselves!” Harriet Lerner, The Mother Dance. Most mothers want to be good role models for their children and are worried about the impact of their frustration on their children. As mothers learn how to change their thinking and behaviours, this will be learned by their children.

Strengthening relationships with your children

The result of extraordinary role modelling is stronger relationships with our child/ren, and more enjoyment and satisfaction within the family experience. This is achieved when we really attend to our children even when we are busy, when we calm ourselves down from anger, and when we do things with purpose especially when we don’t feel like it, eg, getting up to resettle a child at 4 in the morning without being furious about it!

These children and parents are better equipped to deal with life’s negative events. They are also much more likely to succeed in key areas of their life.

Follow Up Sessions

Fee: $45 per session. Rebate with Mental Health Care Plan and GP Referral letter. Private Health Insurance rebate applicable.