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This post is for all interested in the counselling work of Betty Chetcuti, upcoming Beingamother workshops & VIP Events for Mums, and other information from is a story about a website that started in 2002 to replicate the success of a cover story article about the Beingamother workshops where I received over 400 bookings in 3 days – not enquiries, but bookings. I remember mostly the mum who called me mid-feeding her child to book in with no paper or pen at hand but her (back in those days) landline phone and the copy of the Melbourne Weekly that she had only part read.

This website is titled beingamother, however, the work i actually do is completely broad and includes working with 3 – 73 year olds (and older of course). My client base this week for example includes working with 4 teenage boys about friendships, a medical condition, anxiety, and an overbearing parent. I will travel interstate to be the psychology expert on a marketing panel. The rest of the week will be with primary school children whose difficulties range from a plethora of emotional issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, anger and overwhelm arising from experiencing separated parents, deceased parent, living with grandparents due to parental issues, deceased siblings, domestic violence, school refusal, eating issues and low confidence. Friday will see me with my adult clients who see me about relationship struggles, adults repairing relationships with their own parents, parenting struggles with their young and adult children, dealing with ex-partners including litigation issues, and birthing complications.

All posts you receive will be a reflection of my strong interest in people living happier lives. When clients come in to see me, sometimes they have the view that something is wrong with them, or that they need to be fixed. I have the view that we work on uncovering the parts that block them from being more who they are underneath the stress, tension, anger, fear, worry and overwhelm. There are many other parts that block or stop us from being that person who we want to be. In my sessions we work on uncovering one part, and it becomes a journey of sorts, where another door opens and clients become more curious about what other great experiences they can have from the work we do.

In future posts, I would like to include case studies of clients – written by clients!, the launch of a new concept that is midway between the workshops and the Events – thinking of calling it Just for Mums!, introducing a drop in centre where issues are explored and more…..The next post you receive will be the 2002 article that is a wonderful account of the Beingamother workshop.

Please forward onto friends, share on social media and spread the word. It is often those that we do not think need support that greatly appreciate it. A 73 year old woman who attends the VIP Events for Mums told me she wished I was around when she was a younger girl. She has been carrying a huge burden for 50 years. Other clients come in thinking they are ‘sorted’ but leave with new revelations and inspiration. A client ‘Adele’ just sent me this text: “Thank you so much for thinking of me….you are a special person, with a special gift, you should be proud of yourself”. This is actually what I also think of her and many of my clients. Thank you for reading this.

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