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Beingamother Workshop

Published March 18, 2013 |

The Beingamother workshop shows you the key to managing strong emotions and being happier every single day.

“This is unlike any other program. This is not a parenting program. Five minutes of this workshop can change your week. A different way of looking at the way your life is. Life is easy when you have done this program.” Clare

Beingamother Information Sessions

Discussing how to manage strong emotions and issues associated

Being a Mother Workshop

Being a Mother Workshop

with being a mother. Wednesday 14 June 7pm-8pm OR Monday 19 June 2pm-3pm.

Hawthorn East. Free event. Register:  0407 819 519 or 

Dad enquiries are also welcomed. Dads go through a range of similar but slightly different experiences. Data on workshops for Dad to be published here soon.

Consultations: Up to 80% rebate available with a GP Mental Health Care Plan and Referral Letter, or private health insurance psychology cover.

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Mother of three children, Betty is dedicated to mothers enjoying more of their experiences. When mums are happy, the research and our own experience tells us that the children are happier. In other words, the direct and ongoing impact of maternal satisfaction is improved emotional wellbeing of the children. Anxiety and depression in children is on the increase in Australia, and the Beingamother Workshop specifically aims to reduce these symptoms effectively and almost immediately.

The lack of recognition of the role of the primary care-giver, generally the mother, prompted Betty to develop this innovative approach to reinforce individual mothers sense of self-acceptance, and make a difference to their lives, and that of their children, family and community. Read more Features and Benefits

A workshop with the key to managing strong emotions and being happier every single day. Workshop Intensives available too.

Ever said “I never thought it would be like this!”? Feeling dissatisfied with aspects of mothering? Feeling guilty? Feel like you’re the only one whose children don’t listen? Don’t cooperate? Tired of being stressed and frustrated? Want to know how to feel happier?

Techniques are practical, easy to use, & work immediately

“I did not get the chance to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the workshop you ran. It was truly amazing the transformation between Ruby and myself.” Juliet

Follow-Up Sessions

A place to review and share your experiences after the Beingamother Workshop. Learn more from other participants. A way to regularly refresh and reinforce key concepts and strategies.

Follow-Up Fee

$45 per session. Up to 50% rebate with Mental Health Care Plan and GP Referral letter. Private Health Insurance rebate applicable.

Private Consultations